Impact of Reviews and Ratings on Conversion Rate and Visibility

Today we see tremendous development in technology, making our lives so much easier and better every day. There are millions of mobile apps available, providing services that get everything done in just one tap. And millions of competitors coming into the app store which provides similar functions and services. Such an act has created huge confusion in app stores as to how do users make a right choice on which app fits best. The first thing a user sees when he performs a search in the app store is app icon, app name/title and overall ratings and reviews of your app. This is why there is a need to work on the above aspects in order to rank the app better.

Wondering hor user ratings and reviews impact ASO?

Here are few tips and strategies on how to work and improve your app ranking:

Evaluating User Ratings and Reviews in the app stores

Ratings and reviews are very important for an app. It is a channel where a user can communicate with the developer. Users give from 1 to 5, being 5 the best rating. Reviews are the feedback about the app usage and can also be used to request a new feature or to report something to the developer.

Before buying a phone, most of us have watched a number of unboxing videos on youtube, understanding the reviews and opinions of a particular phone that we are looking for. Buy Android App Reviews and ratings are a vital factor in this digital world and play a major role in almost marketplaces and mostly in e-commerce. They are an element of social proof that most users depend on before buying something from the market. In the same way, it’s getting more relevant than ever in app stores too.

We’ve seen how important reviews and ratings are, as the number and quality of ratings have an impact on the number of times it is downloaded. Apps having an average rating above 4 stars has proven to give rise to a better Conversion Rate to download in the app stores. This makes an app more relevant and helps in increasing the chances of visibility.

Impact of User Feedback on ASO

We have learned that most of the users check ratings and reviews before downloading an app. There is a study on which thousands of users were surveyed to know their opinion on ratings and reviews. It came out that almost 80% of the users check reviews and ratings of an app before downloading. It serves as a good judgment about an app. Reviews are useful for both users and developers, it helps new users to get an insight into an app’s details and services it provides, can it be trusted or not, and developers can use the reviews to build their app by looking into the areas that need to be improved.

Users don’t review an app unless they feel like. They only get into review section when they are facing any troubles or bugs. It is very important to come up with a great strategy that invites users to rate your app positively.

Impact of ratings and reviews on search visibility on the app stores

The average app rating will determine at what position the app will show up and rank on the app store’s search results pages. The user performs a search in the app store, if he/she knows the name of your app, then they enter it directly or else they search using a set of words that are relevant to your app. These words constitute a powerful factor called keyword. These keywords help in boosting the visibility of your app in the search results by showing up your app at the top. You can buy reviews from ASO experts. They have been providing this to many of the app companies and helped them improve their ratings and reviews summary. Keywords can be placed in the app name, app title, description, and reviews used by ASO experts to help you attract organic downloads.

Ratings and Reviews are the fundamental aspects of any ASO strategy because they have been proved to have a great impact on search visibility and better conversion rates. It should not be ignored, try all the ways you can get to review your app, you can buy app reviews or oblige your users to review your app by rewarding them with some cool coupons or something. Always keep in mind that good reviews and ratings boost more installs. These strategies will make your app have a better conversion rate and improve the visibility of your app.