App Store Optimization: A Necessary Tool to Improve Search Ranking of Your App

If you are aware of the number of apps in the Apple app store and Google Play Store, you will know how important to practice strong marketing strategies. With over millions of apps in the app stores, it is highly difficult for a new app to be found by a user. So, it is important to use the necessary tools in order to make the app more visible and encourage more downloads and best app store optimization services .

One stop solution to increase the visibility of an app is App Store Optimization.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of an app in the app store in order to increase the number of downloads and conversion rate. It is highly practiced by a number of app developers. ASO is a never-ending process, it can bring you endless organic install on the way if practices well.

Here are a few insights on ASO which will help you have a successful app journey:

Keyword Research

Everything begins with keyword research. When you are taking a shot at the listing optimization of your app, you should consider each and every function that is related to your app, yet additionally, each one of those keywords users is probably going to search on the app stores so they can find it and download it.

Keyword Optimization

Once you have found the keywords, it is important that you optimize it and increase the rankings of respective keywords of your app. Test and research the keywords, improve the rankings by using optimization services from top ASO companies. These keywords are the hook that pulls your app to the top in the search results.

Let us now see what are a few other elements that can be optimized in order to increase app visibility:

#1 App Icon

Your app icon is the number one element that has a huge impact on users impression on your app. It will help in identifying your product and all the services you provide. An app icon should be creative and catchy enough to impress a visitor on first sight. It has high chances in increasing the conversion rate so, make a few experiments perform A/B testing before you launch the product. App icon should not necessarily relate to the app functions. Keep it as simple and creative as it can be. Even if your users forget your app name they will remember you by the app icon. So, give a lot of thought into building a better app icon

#2 App Name / Title

App title is the name you give for your app, this space has the highest weight in increasing the keyword ranking of your app. Once you are done with keyword research and have found a set of optimal keyword for your app, add the core keyword in the app title. App store search gives much importance to keywords in the title and this will help your app to be visible in the top charts.

#3 Description

The app description is the space that is provided in the app listing, Google allows up to 4000 characters. Use this space wisely, keep the first few lines engaging and descriptive about the solution or functions you are providing. This field is where the information regarding your app is explained thoroughly to the user. This section is so useful and should be used appropriately by stuffing relevant information such as the main features, other features that make your app unique, purpose and benefits of the app. Include the potential keywords in your description, make the best out of this space as it hs the high chances of improving the conversion rate.

#4 Screenshots and Preview videos

These are the elements that deal with presenting a pictorial representation of the functions that your app holds. Screenshots give the inside look of your app, it helps users to have a quick glance at what your app holds and what to expect when you download it.

By optimizing all the above factors of your app listing, you are entitled to have an increased visibility and conversion rate. Make use of optimization services from the top aso companies and build your way to a successful app journey. For more details visit