The cup is full of enthusiasm, a piece of paper is awkward, and the two places miss the Mei Wanlin Emotional Prose Collection

Missing like the moon, the wind is light. A whisper of the summer breeze, filled with the dark fragrance of August osmanthus, Midnight, Merlin facing the frosty moon, let the youthful ring of the youth settle the hometown. Acacia blooms like a flower at night. Open the window and spread the mind, leaning against the window and looking far away, still looking for the sorrowful tenderness in the years. Reaching out the palm of your hand, gentle and full of love sickness, accompanied by Merlin breeze, secretly sneaked into the world of hometown, swaying for you a happy whisper… In the summer night, there is a gentle fragrance of lotus, Merlin clearly heard the hometown The sound of the hometown feels like the smell of the hometown fluttering into the ear by the moonlight, slipping through the delicate fingertips and dripping into the boundless thoughts. Still hot in August, the moon is like water, the air is flowing with a kind of intoxicating gentleness; the moonlight, the gentleness of the hometown, the warmth of the warmth, my heart, softly falling Into a confused infatuation. Listening to the tender flutes of the tender water, lingering euphemisms, in the quiet nights of strangers, sighing the emotions of the thoughts, at this moment, I really want to grow the wings of angels and fly back to my hometown to dance.  


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Merlin’s thoughts flew to the side of his hometown, with a charming and beautiful beauty, with a fragrant and fragrant fragrance, and with the water and moonlight brewed in the hometown of the dream. The romantic and charming water lily, lying quietly in the folded nostalgia, layered in a circle of acacia, can not stop the pen end of missing his hometown, often filled with my thoughts in such a moon, bathing my heart. The hometown is as soft as water. Merlin put the back of his hometown in the window of the heart, and fixed it as the most beautiful scenery. The memory of Merlin’s warmth seemed to be intimate but out of reach, and the Acacia of Moonlight’s Meilin. The cup is full, the drink is missed, and Merlin is drunk, and the taste of his hometown is fine when he is at night. The mood is like a tidal thought, and there is no end in Merlin’s lush years.   

On the summer night, Merlin swayed the wind and the moon for his hometown. He sang for his hometown. In the thoughts, he used the moonlight to caress the name of his hometown. He kissed his hometown nightmare in the moonlight night, and every memory had sweet warmth. As the past, the flowers are swaying in the beautiful memories, the souls are smashing at midnight, and the volley dances for thousands of times. The thick and tender feelings are warm and loving, looking for the sweet and fragrant fragrance, filling the thoughts. A paper of ink, write the thoughts of hometown into the text, a glimpse of love, swaying in every silent night sky, the heart is love is warm, miss the hometown gentle and infinite, left hand warm right hand happiness, little ink fragrant endless, Through the shackles of the window, the breeze sways all over the place, dancing, the wind and the clouds are scattered all over the place, the red candle light shadow, it is also wet, the annual Tanabata month and the beauty of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl!   

I miss my hometown, listen to the wind and watch the moon to write a whole heart, such as the cloud, the sorrow, the sorrow, the melancholy, the melancholy, the hometown of Merlin’s heart, bloom in the night; back to the heart, let the summer night winds soften The hair is straight into the atrium… Ten fingers are clasped, the hands are interlocking, the warm tenderness is full of deep emotions, and the soul is in harmony; if the silent tides slowly invade Merlin’s heart, I will enter the heart of the hometown. On the south of the Yangtze River, Merlin only wants to embrace the hometown, listening to the lingering lingering sorrows of watching the hometown years…   

Indulge in the thoughts of Qin Se, engraving Merlin’s love for the hometown, a song of love. A cup of coffee and two places miss, a sea and moon, two rivers whisper, spring, summer, autumn and winter secluded, Meilin night sings, for the hometown of low-pitched poetry; the seventh night of the lingering cold and cold, so the hometown is crazy. Missing Meilin watched, moistened the heart, wet the eyes of anticipation, Yuehua, like the hometown, moistened Merlin’s heart, waiting quietly to return to his hometown to hug me…   

In the summer of 2016, Mei Wanlin wrote about her love for her hometown.

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