App Store Optimization and its Privileges

Technology has impacted a lot in our lives, we have been relying upon smartphones for almost everything in our day to day lives. We use a smartphone to perform various kinds of activities from taking a selfie to sending important business emails. Life seems so much simpler with a smartphone. There are over millions of apps in the app store each striving to provide the best service to the consumers. This has developed a competition where hundreds of similar apps compete with each other to rank top in the search results.  With over millions of apps out there it is highly difficult for your rookie app to shine in the app stores. Both the iOS app store and Google app store are really competitive, so if you want to be successful you need to invest your time, effort and money not only in the development of a top-notch app but in marketing as well.

If you are familiar with the SEO, App Store optimization won’t be a completely new story for you. App store optimization helps your app get more free search traffic. Here are the major factors of ASO that make or break your good rankings in the app stores. You can play store buy ratings service for apps.


Keywords are more like a set of words that users use in the search field when they are performing a search in the app store. A well-optimized keyword acts as a compass that points users to your app when they are lost in the app store. So it is important to choose the right keyword by making a number of research and experiments on your app. Think that you are a user and what is the most relevant keyword that suits your app. The keyword should relate to the core function of your app. Quite normally keywords are more effective in the app title and description, so it is important to focus on these domains first. Choosing a keyword is very natural for some apps, but sometimes you need to be more creative and smart.

Visuals Which Show Off the Best Features of the App

So you have a well-optimized keyword and the user have clicked on your app, the keyword has done its part. So the next part is up to how your app sells itself. App icon, screenshots, and preview videos come under visual factors that play an important role in attracting users to your app, they have a huge sales potential. The more competitive your field is the more important your app visuals are.

Icon: Your app icon is the first visual users see, this is why you need to put a lot of effort into building a creative icon. It is not necessary that the icon should relate your app functions, it is only used for branding and attracting a user and shining among all the other apps in the app stores. You must make sure to use the same icon everywhere and do not change it often. This consistency helps you big time in building brand recognition.

Screenshots: The screenshots show the interior of your app beforehand and what all they can expect when they install your app. According to a recent study, 60% of users won’t swipe past the first two screenshots. So it is highly important to make those two screenshots count. Make sure to submit hi-resolution screenshots and show the best features of your app in the first two screenshots.

Preview videos:

It is more like an ad in the app store page of your app. App stores recommend adding a short video in your app listing exhibiting different functionalities of your app. Make an eye-catching video to drive installs to your app.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings are the most vital factors that help your app to have a better ranking in the app store listing. ASO works in various ways to improve those metrics that help your app rank higher in the search results. To have the best results from ASO many app publishers buy google play reviews and app store reviews to boost the keyword ranking and get paid installs to attract more organic users to their app. This has been an efficient practice that has yielded productive results for app publishers.

App store optimization came into the picture to stand by you to fight the war of raging apps into the app stores. It is a never-ending process, you can use various optimization tools and improve your app store listing and get more influx of potential users to gain a high success rate.

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