As we discussed earlier, the youth are keen to know the experience of their peers before purchasing a product or choosing a service. This has put the impetus on providing the best information about companies and services through the platforms frequented by the target audience. 

Customers believe in buying app reviews online as it gives an overview of the experience other people had with the product or service. Another underlying factor that connects these total strangers is the necessity to buy the product or avail of the service. 

Since products and services are intended for particular demands of the target audience, the general sentiments aired through buying reviews online are taken seriously. This is more likely to happen with businesses that are less transparent about the quality of their services. 

The availability of buy reviews online to all internet users via Facebook, Google, and other popular platforms has made it easy to read and write reviews. Since these services are available across all platforms, they can access them on the first go.  

Are buying reviews online reliable?

There is a general sentiment among the buying personas to trust negative reviews more than positive ones. This could be entangled with the psychology of the customers however, the impact it makes on business is far-fetched.  

It is believed that overly positive reviews and ratings about a product or service make the target audience a bit more skeptical about the authenticity of the reviews. Social commerce specialists Revoo did a study on consumers and found that they spend 4x more time on-site reading and interacting with negative reviews, resulting in a 67% increase in conversion rate.

Advantages of buying reviews online…

Brand mentions across the web will help in better brand positioning. This will give an edge to businesses that are struggling to beat the competitors due to lack of trust. With more people recognizing the brand, there is a chance of improved conversion rates for businesses.

Ranking on the search engine will become easy with positive reviews as Google and other key players in the search industry value the popular sentiment of the target audience. Addressing negative reviews with proper solutions will help leverage the trust in your brand. Businesses can identify the common issues faced by the customers and can come up with actionable solutions. 

Do reviews help to increase ranking? 

According to reports, Reviews help in improving the rankings of a website on the Search Engine Results Page. Google algorithms are trained to understand the number of reviews received on both its own platforms like Google My Business and other third-party websites.

Sharing customer reviews on social media is now a new trend. Google had recently bought a patent that helps to understand the social proof of businesses by check the overall sentiment on social media channels.  

Positive online customer reviews about your business on social media and other online platforms are strong signals for expertise, authority, and trust. Google gives a definitive edge to websites that have a good online reputation.


It is important to pay attention to the quality of reviews not the number of reviews… If you buy reviews online, it will definitely help you in increasing your app ratings as well…

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