What is the platform for the slot machine? Don’t wake up again.

What is the platform for the slot machine? Don’t wake up jpg” alt=”I miss you, but I lost my courage! ” />, I have been involuntarily like you over time. I painted your back on the sketchbook for the first time. Many times, I would rather not meet you, maybe I will not be so sad.   

What is the platform for the 100 billion international entertainment slot machine?

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I miss you very much, but I lost my courage!

How are you? I haven’t heard from you for a long time. This time it’s so complete, so it’s just plain. do you know? I still miss you, I can’t help you, I will still dream of you for three days and two times. I really hope that I will always sleep like that forever. Don’t wake up again, then you can always dream with you. Accompanied by. Oh, my thoughts are not stupid and naive, and I can make my dreams so outrageous during the day.   

I know that we will never be possible forever, and we will never see each other again, huh, huh. However, I still don’t understand your heart. I thought I understood you. In fact, I can never see you. You are like a mystery. You can’t solve it. Do you remember when you met for the first time? It was in the summer when a dream started. You were sitting in front of me. I used a pen to tie you from time to time, or pulled your clothes and patted your shoulders, not letting you lean against my desk. Over time, I fell in love with you, and for the first time painted your back on the sketchbook. Unexpectedly, it is actually so expressive. You are very shy, look at me and say that your face will be flushed. I still remember that after I confessed to you, you gave me four words “water drop stone wear”, I can’t forget these four words in my life.   

We have been in love for more than two years. Later, because of some misunderstandings, I left home. We are thus divided into different places. Each has its own new life. Until the fall of last year, we have met again after ten years. Everything is so familiar with nature, as if you and I have never been separated. That night, I was drunk, why are you asking me? In fact, I don’t know why, it is happy, it is regret, it is sad, it is distressed, is it regret? When you use all your strength to hold me into your arms, I understand everything. You say let me not cry, seeing me crying, you are very uncomfortable.   

Maybe, you and I are destined to have no points, and there will be all kinds of today. Many times, I would rather not meet you, maybe I will not be so sad. Today, I accidentally learned that you changed your mobile phone. It is very sad. It is very doubtful. What is it? Don’t want to see anything related to me again? Still because of others.   

I miss you, I really want to think very much~ I have lost the courage to face you!